Design for music
Music and design

A one-day conference at St Bride Library
curated by Catherine Dixon and John L. Walters

  • Friday 29 January 2010
  • 9.30am (registration from 8.45) Revised times!
  • Bar from about 6pm
  • In the Bridewell Hall, St Bride Foundation
  • Tickets £75/£60 FoSB members · concessions £30/£25 FoSB members

Design and music have always had a complex, passionate, sometimes obsessive relationship. Graphic design and recorded music have evolved in parallel, confronting similar challenges while moving from mechanical reproduction to digital dissemination, yet always creating space for collaborative hybrids that inspire and empower while balancing the demands of art and business.

This one-day conference examines design for music and musical designing from multiple angles: from animation to album sleeves; identity to merchandise. Speakers include Karsten Schmidt (aka Toxi), Adrian Shaughnessy (Sampler, Unit Editions), Malcolm Garrett (Buzzcocks, Duran Duran), Fred Deakin (Lemonjelly, Airside) and rising star Kate Moross, whose vinyl-only label is just part of her mission to make music look good. Plus a host of musically oriented designers of every stripe.

Topics include: music as code (and vice versa); the visual culture of pop; vinyl as art object; design and typography for classical music; the creative legacy of Barney Bubbles; and design for performance. The day will be punctuated by a specially selected sequence of audiovisual treats: from funky abstraction to heavy-metal umlauts.

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