Something for everyone in the world of graphics.

  • 50,000 books. All the classic works on printing technique, visual style, typography, graphic design, calligraphy and more. There are many titles that offer excellent subject introductions, and our staff can help in guiding those without detailed knowledge in our subject areas towards these titles and more. Our acquisitions policy ensures the latest on digital typography and cutting edge web design rubs shoulders with current academic research on medieval printing, papermaking and the book trade.
  • 3,500 periodicals, catalogues and directories, from typographic journals such as the Fleuron and Emigre to graphics reviews like Motif and Eye. Specimen books and catalogues.
  • A matchless record of artefacts that bring the history of print culture to life. Type is one of the highlights, with punches, matrices and founders’ type from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Plus wood blocks, copper plate and lithographic stones to exemplify the various techniques used to reproduce images. Copies of some of the software that has been used in the graphics industry, with particular focus on the documentation and user guides. Business records, correspondence, and collections of designers’ materials: layouts, briefings and copy.
  • A stimulating events programme put together and delivered by people who are passionate about typography, graphic design and print.

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