Eighth annual Friends of St Bride Library Conference
St Bride Library, London, 23 and 24 April 2009

Revival is to be celebrated, to be shouted out and to be called for!

This year the annual Friends of St Bride Library Conference will hear from a characteristically varied group of speakers. Taste our flavours of revival …

… in theory
Contemporary design thinking is being reshaped through the revival of ideas found within design’s own intellectual ‘back-catalogue’. We ask how and why this happens and how it might further be encouraged or discouraged.

… in practice
Designers engaged in original and exciting work tell us how making creative use of past practices can enhance conceptual skills. How are design pastiches avoided – or embraced?

… in style
Watch practitioners pulling out the nails that have been hammered deep into some of design’s coffins and we lament once lauded stylistic approaches in desperate need of new vision.

… in life
We share revival stories – reappraisals of work or aesthetic outlook, maybe in connection with other insights or changes in lifestyle and circumstance, that have renewed enthusiasm and generated a fresh creative urge.

… in type
Revival has been a preoccupation of type designers from the time of William Morris. Each technological generation has made reference to those past, often as they are made accessible through collections such as St Bride Library’s. We take a closer look.

… right here
Since 2000 revival has definitely been in evidence at St Bride Library. Find out about our future plans and learn how to get involved.


  • £100 full-price (£90 Friends of St Bride)
  • £50 students and over-60s (£45 Friends of St Bride)
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