A full-colour journal, published by the Library and distributed to all Friends.

Cover of Ultrabold issue 1

Arguably St Bride Library has been guilty in the past of not making enough noise about the sheer amount and the quality of the events it organises, as well as its unparalleled collection of books, journals, artefacts and ephemera related to typography, printing and visual communication. With Ultrabold we aim to change that, to make you aware – if you aren’t already – of what a valuable resource St Bride is, both in what it has and what it does.

Spread from Ultrabold issue 1

Ultrabold issue 1 featured original articles on topics as varied as graffiti in a Nottingham suburb, street typography in Budapest, and the history of women printers. It also reviewed of some of the events that took place at the Library over the previous few months.

Issue 2 (Spring 2007) featured articles on SuperVeloz, an innovative Spanish typeform-creating system from the 1930s; the origins of printing in China; and the Slow Alphabet. Issue 3 (Autumn 2007) looked at compound plate printing, the rationale behind the BBC’s very successful news web site, and what happens when a designer is allowed to play.

Ultrabold is generously sponsored by Principal Colour and Fenner Paper.

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